Foresters has a long history of providing finance to the community and helping it to prosper by connecting people.

Together with our investors, our Social Enterprise Finance Fund helps us support smaller, emerging social enterprises by providing them with flexible finance options that help them to grow. The support they receive from the fund towards marketing and business development helps them to achieve sustainability and long-term viability.

We are focused on creating a positive social, cultural and environmental impact, while also generating a financial return for our investors through a range of investment products.

We are always looking for investors to join us.

If you want to invest in your community and help social enterprises grow and develop, give us a call on 07 3851 8000.

The Arts Business Innovation Fund (ABIF) provides support towards turning innovative new idea into action.

The Fund is an initiative of the Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland and the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation. The program offers applicants up to $100,000 in funding support, distributed as a 50/50 combination of government funding and a zero-interest loan.

To find out more and to apply visit the Arts Queensland website.

Social Impact Investment for Sustainability Program

The Victorian Government is supporting investment-ready social enterprises to create new jobs and training opportunities, respond to climate change, avoid and recover waste and improve resource efficiency in the Victorian community.

The program provides a combination of grant and low interest loan. Investment-ready social enterprises can apply for up to $200,000 as a combination grant and low interest (2.5%) loan to scale up (expand) their operations.

To find out more and to apply visit the Victorian Government Sustainability website.