Jan’s Story

At Foresters Community Finance, we always strive to provide the best quality of life in the most equitable and ethical way. Take, for instance, Jan, one of our oldest clients. After suffering some difficulty in her personal life, Jan turned to Foresters for assistance:

“Life has been hard for me. I had a stroke in 2000 and now I suffer from memory loss. Foresters has helped me out with every major problem I have had since I have been with them.”

Growing increasing desperate to make ends meet in her time of difficulty, Jan began to investigate her options to loan money from a financial institution. Wanting to follow an employment opportunity from the Gold Coast to Hervey Bay, she sought and received a payday loan. What happened next was nothing short of a nightmare:

“I was ripped off by a company offering a payday loan. I wanted to pay the loan out in full and they sent me an invoice which I fixed up straight away. They called said it was a mistake and tried to get me to pay them more money.”

Her disenchantment grew with each day that went by. Jan had begun to lose hope that she wouldn’t be able to get to Hervey Bay. She left the payday lenders in favour of going back to the larger, better established entities.

“One of the big banks knocked me back for a small loan. I only wanted $2500 to fix my car and they tried to make me get a $5000 loan. I couldn’t have made the repayments on that.

Hervey Bay was still out of reach. Many people find their mobility to be affected after suffering an episode like a stroke or aneurysm. Being able to get around was always a priority for Jan, having family up and down the east coast.

“Foresters has helped me fix three cars and given me a NILS [No Interest Loan Scheme] loan of $1500 that paid my rotary donation to move from the Gold Coast to Hervey Bay.”

Upon arrival from Hervey Bay, Jan found herself uncomfortable in her new surroundings. She was desperately in need of some items in her new home. Our No Interest Loan, or NILS, was available to her. The loan gave her a large discount off of her items, making the loan itself go a lot further than anticipated.

“The NILS loan bought my double bed, some whitegoods, a TV and a chair I really needed. I have nearly paid it all off. The small fortnightly repayments have really helped me budget.”

To this day, Jan still uses Foresters loans to assist her in achieving her goals. Whether it is going to Brisbane for medical treatment, car expenses or finding her easier means of obtaining goods and services, Foresters has always been there. As a long-time client of our NILS and Personal Loans, Jan had the following kind words to say about how we go about assisting the community.

“Foresters is the best community finance organisation in Queensland. They have been helping me for 10 years. They have never not helped me. They have never said ‘no’ to me. They always find a way and will always make allowances if I am in trouble.”

At Foresters, we are always ready to assist with people who have found themselves in difficulty. If you are in a situation similar to Jan, or think you might be in the near future, there are options. You are not alone. Just because you have been denied at the bank, or have bad experiences with a lender, doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. A solution may be just around the corner. Talk to us at Foresters today about a solution that best benefits you and your goals.