Community personal loans from Foresters Community Finance

Community personal loans from Foresters Community Finance

Personal loans are like neighbours. For instance, you don’t want to deal with them all the time, but you may occasionally need them to make your life easier.

However, a Foresters personal loan is much more like being part of a community than having a neighbour you don’t want to associate with.

What are Personal loans?

Foresters Community Finance offers personal loans for everyone who struggles to get a loan from a traditional lender and avoids high priced payday lenders. Because when you have difficulty obtaining traditional credit through banks or other financial institutions, loans from a community lender like Foresters, may work in your favour. Depending on your circumstances, you could have up to $4000 in just 48 hours after your application.

Each community personal loan is individually based on your circumstances. For instance, the loan has low fees and low interest, just a small establishment fee factored in over the life of the loan. In addition, there are no hidden monthly or early exit fees on our loans. Above all, your eligibility is determined by your willingness and capacity to repay the loan. With up to 2 years of fortnightly, flexible repayments, you can begin achieving your goals today.

A common misconception about community personal loans is that they are unnecessary and fraught with dodgy practices. This may ring true for financing options offered by other institutions. But with a discerning eye, a good loan with an agreeable interest and repayment rates can be found for every situation. At Foresters, we believe in lending responsibly to help people regain financial independence, and treating all our customers with respect and dignity.

First question: how can you make those around you happy?

People depend on you. For instance, your children, your significant other, your extended family. They depend on you to provide life’s basics: food, water, shelter, warmth, belongingness and love. They depend on you to also provide so much more: security, technology, entertainment and mobility, to name a few.

It’s a brand new year term starting soon, which means new needs. Your children are going off to school and they will need to have computer literacy. Or for instance, your older children might be moving out of home and need a helping hand to afford furniture and appliances. You or your significant need a car to get to and from work. In other words, all of these things cost money. Therefore identify what financial goals you need to achieve in the next 12 months.

Next question: what will it take to achieve these goals?

What does your goals require? Time and passion are a given. You can provide those. Does it need money as well? Where are you going to find that money? You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your quality of life to continue providing for others.

At Foresters Community Finance, we know who you are. You work hard for yourself and for your family. We know your world is completely different from the one you were raised in. With this new world comes new responsibilities. Unexpected new bills. New hurdles. New pressures. Most importantly, it holds new opportunities. Whatever your dream is, be it owning a house, a car, a boat, a business, a passport full of stamps, you want contentment. All in all, you pursue happiness. There is no point working hard to be crippled by the monotony of a life not being lived.

Final question: is a loan really the right answer for you?

This is a question we ask all our applicants to consider before they go down the road of lending. We are a community and by repaying promptly, we keep being able to help each other out. There can be no mutual benefit if there is exploitation.

Stifling yourself with constant repayments, affording no time or money to relax and enjoy can be even more detrimental to health and wellbeing. That’s why Foresters offers up to two years for you to repay, plus a flexible repayment scheme to fit in with your life. All you need is some personal identification, the willingness to pay it back on time and a sense of responsibility for your own financial situation.

Finally, Lewis Thompson Preston, President of the World Bank (1991-1995) sums up our attitude to lending most succinctly.

It is the quality of lending over the quantity of lending.
At Foresters Community Finance, we will always strive to give you the best service over the most amount of money. We will take the time to actively assess your situation and what loan, if any, will be appropriate for you. Achieve your goals with confidence. Achieve them with Foresters Community loans.
– Rory Callaghan