The answer is yes, provided you can demonstrate that you have the financial capacity to repay on time, both loans.

For our NILS Loans (No-interest-loan-scheme) the loan size ranges up to $1,500.

For our Community Loans the loan size range up to $4,000.

Yes, Foresters is an accredited provider of the No-Interest-Loan Scheme, and you can apply directly online on our website, you do however have to submit supporting documents for us to complete the loan application.

NILS stands for No Interest Loan Scheme, NILS is a Good Shephard Microfinance Ltd endorsed loan program that helps individuals on low incomes to secure a loan that is safe, ethical and affordable. Loan sizes may vary between $300 and $1,500  and can be used for essential goods and services such as white goods, computers, car registrations, furniture. NILS cannot be used for bills. Feel free to head over to our NILS loan page for further information.

You must be over 18 years old, a permanent resident of Australia, and either must be entitled to a Government Health Care card or earn less than $45,000 a year (after tax). We also require documentation in the application process. Feel free to head over to our NILS loan page for further information.

Social enterprises derive a substantial portion of their income from trade and reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus in the fulfilment of their mission. Non-profit organisations rely heavily on other sources of income such as government grants, philanthropic money and fundraising events and in comparison do not rely on trade for income. A non-profit organisation may have a branch that operates as a social enterprise.

Social enterprises are organisations and collective agencies. They are led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit; trade to fulfil their mission; derive a substantial portion of their income from trade; and reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus in the fulfilment of their mission. Social entrepreneurs are the ‘individuals who pursue opportunities to create pattern-breaking change in inequitable systems, whether through social enterprises or other means’. Social innovation is focused on the processes of social transformation.

Foresters provides loans to social enterprises for asset building and business development or purchase of equipment.

To be eligible for a social enterprise loan, the organisation must be a social enterprise trading to fulfil its mission to provide public or community benefit; require the loan for asset-building, business development or purchase of equipment; and demonstrate capacity to repay the loan.

Finding seed capital for a start-up social enterprise is often not an easy process, and the supply of this form of capital in Australia is still as yet underdeveloped. Listed below are several avenues that social enterprises can pursue:

Business Grants Australia
NAB Micro-enterprise Loans
NSW Office of Fair Trading
Parramatta City Council Seed Funding
School for Social Entrepreneurs (programs in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne)
Social Traders
Social Ventures Australia
Westpac Foundations
Sustainability Victoria

Each state also has a Gambling Fund that fund for business projects. Contact your Local and State Governments for additional information on grants.

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