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Find disability support today

If you or someone you are close to you has a disability, you should not have to suffer the extra stress of financial difficulty. Disability can often be a source of other negative reactions including anxiety, depression, anger, shock, frustration and denial. Thankfully, there are a many products and services available that will suit your needs. The world has never been more accessible to a disabled person than it is today.

Your standing

First things first. Figure out what you need as a disabled person or carer. Inform yourself and the people close to you about the limitations of your disability. Seek out support from family, colleagues and professionals. Take care of yourself by being as active possible. Above all, be patient. Being less independent can be frustrating. You will adjust in time.

The next question you must ask as either a carer or someone who is disabled is: where do I stand financially? How much of your normal ability is going to be compromised? What will you need in the future? Can you still work? How long can you support yourself? Do you need equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, bathing apparatuses?

Your rights

Disability does not equal discrimination. You have the right to be treated as a human being in all areas of life. As a consumer you have rights protected by the law . You are entitled to ask for what you want, for a better price. You have the right to take your time and to be treated fairly. These rights cannot be infringed upon by sellers. Asking questions is the best way to decide whether or not something is the right fit for you.

The Department of Human Services is the Australian Government’s first class resource for living with a disability. It offers support and information to carers and disabled persons alike for:

• Information and referral services
• Access to and support in local community activities and services
• Individualised care plans and support packages
• Early intervention and support
• Funded support in the form of assistive technology, Auslan and housing, to name a few.

DisAbility support

At Foresters Community Finance, we offer a personal loan to bridge the gap between need and grant. The loan of up to $4000 can cover essentials like car and housing modifications, equipment and aids and provide top ups to gap funding for that slightly more expensive item. The only thing you need to apply for this loan is to be above the age of 18 and an Australian citizen. With up to 2 years to repay on a flexible repayment plan to suit your budget, a personal loan may help your situation. Talk to one of our loan officers today, or inquire through the website form above to find a loan that is right for you.

– Rory Callaghan